Bahn Mi Sandwich Party

A quaint party of two that is...or perhaps it was another simple, delicious lunch at home. Whatever the occasion this is a treat with no guilt. Bahn mis are Vietnamese style sandwiches using light french bread, pickled and fresh vegetables, mayonnaise and proteins ranging from egg, pate, fish cake to marinated pork and tofu. They are fun to eat on the go and at home.

Have you ever had a tempeh bahn mi?

We used our five spice red bean tempeh, which has similar spices found in Vietnamese fare-clove, anise, cinnamon, black pepper. It was delicious. We pan fried the tempeh in grape seed oil to get it crispy. We made our own hot pickles, mushroom pate and added jalapenos, cilantro and hoisin aioli. Hosin sauce is a savory plum sauce often served with Peking duck and pho. Now that we make and sell this sauce, we simply added veganiase to our hoisin and it made, well, a new sauce!

You can keep it simple by pan frying the tempeh and then adding sauce. Or, you could marinate it and fry, grill or roast it. Because we used a pate and a hoisin aioli, we decided to let each ingredient stand alone.

So, how do you make mushroom pate? There are a million versions out there, usually with nuts. Due to Keith having a nut allergy, we used pumpkin seeds.

What you will need: