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Drop Dead Delicious Reuben-with chickpea tempeh

This is a great place to start with tempeh if you are new to cooking it. Adding it to a classic sandwich such as the mighty reuben is so incredibly delicious. Let me tell you how easy it was too. We sliced our chickpea tempeh length wise, steamed it, pan fried it and assembled a sandwich with homemade thousand island, sharp cheddar(of course you could use swiss), traditional caraway kraut and crusty bread. After assembly we pan fried the sandwich on both sides with the same oil we used for the tempeh(Avocado).

Thousand Island Dressing simple as 1, 2, 3…

  • Ketchup(1 part)

  • Mayo(2 parts)

  • Relish(1 part)

STEAM IT(for a few minutes)

FRY IT until golden brown...


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