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Fancy on the fly!

Herb and white bean tempeh cakes, whipped turnip, roasted Maitake, Italian verde, and raspberry particle

Is it pretentious? I can't tell. Keith and I have worked in the restaurant industry for years-K worked the line and I worked front of house. The influences and inspirations are inevitable as we have both worked with wonderful chefs. This was wickedly easy to make at home and it sure is pretty to look at... It was fun cooking the tempeh in a new way-in circular shapes(I used a biscuit cutter), pan seared and finished in the oven. Delicious! Now I must admit, I would try things a touch differently next time. That's what home cooking is all about, experimentation. Your creativity cannot flow if you assume certain flavors, textures or cooking methods are wrong. You have to try it out!

I used a biscuit cutter to shape my tempeh cakes. It cuts

nicely and could be an excellent option for a veggie burger or vegan sausage. Rather than marinade or lightly steam the tempeh, I pan seared it and finished it in the oven. This is what I would try differently. It was delicious, but dense. I will tenderize the tempeh next time I make this dish. A quick steam, then a marinade of citrus, olive oil and herbs might really make the cakes sing.

Turnips are one of my favorite vegetables. I love the earthy lightness, their unique flavor and the filling satisfaction of these little root babies. Their greens are wonderful too! It's nice to mix up the mash from time to time ya dig? After they were done steaming, I mashed, blended and added olive oil, salt, garlic and a little milk. I then used

a whisk to get them a little fluffier.

The Italian verde is a bright, herby sauce very similar to chimichurri. Parsley, mint, lemon, garlic, olive oil....and whats different is adding a pickled punch-traditionally capers-as well as red pepper flakes and anchovy. I made it vegan with fermented parsnip-adds a bit of sweetness and a similar pickled umami undertone you get with capers and anchovy. It's nice to make this ahead of time to have on hand to finish the dish. Or, you may see it for sale in the near future ;)

The holy mushroom MAITAKE, hen of the woods. One of the most scrumptious mushrooms I must say. Its tender, rich in flavor and easy to crisp up. I simply placed them on a roasting pan, drizzled with olive oil, aged white balsamic vinegar, S + P, and roasted them for 15 min @350. They crisp up a bit and are addictive.

And finally the raspberry particle. It adds some nice color doesn't it? A little bit-a fruity tang-a baby burst of bright berry. We eat with our eyes sometimes. That is all.

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