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BBQ'd Curry Chickpea Tempeh

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Taking your cookouts to a new level


Grilling tempeh is a healthy, tasty alternative to frying. Not only do you get a smoky flavor, marinating it in yogurt or some sort of oil base will tenderize it. Our Chickpea tempeh pairs well with Indian spices! This style tempeh would be great on it's own, like a steak, with side dishes, as well as in a sandwich or in a curry over rice. *3-6 cups plain kefir or 2 cups Greek yogurt. (if you use thicker yogurt, make sure to add a little water or milk for a thinner marinade) *1-2 T minced ginger

*1-2 T minced garlic *1 T Turmeric *1-2 T yellow curry powder *1-2 T Red Masala Powder *1/2 T cumin *1 T Tomato powder (Sub Green Mango powder or simply omit due to them being hard to find) *1/2 T Black pepper or to taste *1/2 T salt to start and add more if you choose-our chickpea tempeh has a bit of salt to begin with. For this recipe I marinated two pounds of tempeh so I needed a fairly large bowl. I sliced the 8oz cakes in half and set aside. I added about five cups of kefir to the bowl, as well as the aromatics and spices. Mix it well and submerge the tempeh steaks. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for a minimum of three hours. Half way through, turn the top cakes over to ensure proper marinade saturation.

When the Grill is good and hot, spray the grill with cooking oil, and place tempeh steaks on top. Cook 5-7 minutes on each side. Cover while cooking. ENJOY!!!

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