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Sloppy Joe...Sloppy Sloppy Joe Yeeea.

Paired with a Cali Cab Sauv....

Black Bean Carnitas Pepitas SLopified....

Sweet, smokey umami was easy to achieve in this messy and satisfying classic sandwich. We took Joe to new heights with more flavor, more bite and more nutrition. To be fair, we used this recipe from Allrecipes and modified it slightly to fit our preferences. Not by much, so it's a pretty solid recipe to start with.

We used two cakes of our black bean pumpkin seed tempeh but keep in mind that's 4 oz more than what the recipe calls for. Therefore, we added 2 T worcestershire instead of 1, 3x the amount of tomato puree(not sauce), smoked paprika instead of regular and a little extra salt+pepper. We also finished our sloppy joe stew with fresh cilantro. If you're feeling extra naughty, slap a slice of good ol' American Chz on that puppy. For the buns, we really enjoyed Sami's Bakery GF(maybe) hamburger buns. They toast nicely and do not fall apart like other GF bread products. This sandwich is so tasty, filling and very easy to make.

NOTE* If you want softer tempeh with less chew, steam the tempeh cakes for 10 minutes.

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